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Naples Bank Note Company is the exclusive agent for Royal Joh. Enschede
Most Unique

Approximately 300 uncut sheets of our commerative One Million Euro Banknotables, printed more than 20 years ago,
have been discovered in in our security paper company's warehouse. Perfect for framing and wall display.

Once these are gone...there will be no more!
A short story of how the Naples Bank Note Company began:

Robert Bednar founded the Naples Bank Note Company in an effort to obtain part of the banknote contract for the European Central Bank.. He was prepared to lease a building and the equipment, as well as hire artists and banknote printers to fulfill part of the printing contract for the European Central Bank. He was familiar with the new designs and denominations so he designed the One Million Euro Commemorative, had them printed by offset, and intaglio (engraving) and consecutively numbered. Upon not hearing from the ECB, Bob had most of the notes cut and packaged to be sold in large lots. Our original offering included uncut sheets, but few sheets were sold. These surviving sheets are among the first sheets printed 20 years ago in 2000 and were locked in a room in a paper distributors warehouse only to be discovered over the Christmas 2020 holiday. We are now offering these final remaining sheets to dealers for re-sale.
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Security and Printing Features:
� More than 30 covert and overt Security Features
� Intaglio Printing
� Micro Lines
� Void Drop Out Feature
� Invisible Fluorescent Ink on Face & Back
� Consecutive Numbering
� Numbering has Invisible Fluorescent Inik
� Special Watermark Feature on Face
� Special Watermark Feature on Back
� Visible Fluorescent Ink on Face (Yellow)
� Front to Back Register on Face
� Magnetic Ink
� Moire Feature to prevent Color Copying
The One Million Euro Banknotable commerative note was introduced to the public back in the year 2000 by The Naples Bank Note Company.  These notes are no longer in print.  They are non-negotiable collector items. Recently, our founder Bob Bednar was visiting the security paper company that produced our customized banknote paper and discovered approximately 300 sheets of uncut One Million Euro Commemorative notes in their warehouse!  This 20 year-old batch of the original One Million Euro Banknotable is now available to the public for purchase. There are 28 individual notes per sheet. These notes can be cut apart and sold individually, or framed as a display piece for the wall.